Prepare for a Knock on Your Door

You may get an unexpected visitor this weekend. Not a Jehova's Witness or a guy selling Verizon FIOS, but one of Obama's brownshirts. Obama Backers Return To Streets To Push Plans, says a story at NPR.org. What are they pushing? Obama's disastrous economic policies.
President Obama's grass-roots political machine has been reactivated for a weekend door-knocking crusade designed to sell the administration's economic plan — and its record-busting $3.6 trillion budget.

But the task for the "Organizing for America" volunteers — tapped from Obama's prodigious campaign e-mail and donor lists — is expected to be markedly more difficult than it was to sell the candidate before last November's election.

Will it be one of your neighbors from down the street, a person you only wave to as you drive home from work, but who you will now have to painfully engage in a conversation about the rights-violating, economically unsound actions of their chosen prophet? Or a crunchy college kid with loads of unchallenged premises, who can't fathom how you could disagree with The One?

Be warned. Your house number is on a list somewhere, and you just might get a check mark next to your name in a database. It might not be a friendly face at your door next time.*

*Note: Just because I'm paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get me.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's paranoid to know of the dissenters "purged" in the past, examine those events philosophically, see those same ideas driving this administration and then fear for your own life or well-being. I would call it cautious.

C. August said...

I agree Ryan, but I was trying for a little gallows humor. I would be surprised to see such activity actually happen now, but not too surprised.

Burgess Laughlin said...

Thanks for bringing this to readers' attention. What will be most interesting to observe will be how successful -- or not -- this will be. That degree of success will be a measure, however vague, of the premises of the country.

C. August said...

That's a good perspective... will this effort be successful at all? Will I or anyone I know get a knock at the door? How big will this hyped-up effort actually be?

I'm guessing it will effectively not exist. It will have been a major hype machine with no follow-through. But we'll see what comes to pass...

brendan said...

Spooky. They're picking out names; I hope none of them are mine.

What I'm wondering is, why are they bothering with this campaign? They've shown that they're willing to ram these spending bills down our throats, even when (as was true with the bailout bill) 80% of the phone calls to congressmen are against passing it.

As Obama himself said, "We [the Democrats] won." So why the charade? I mean, did Stalin try to get everyone's approval? Did Castro? Obama is really showing some weakness here; if he wants to spend 3.6 trillion dollars, then damn it, he doesn't need our approval. We should be honored. It's the patriotic thing to do.

Hell, it's not like it's our money.