Coming Soon... An Inconvenient Truth II -- The Re-Truthinating

Bookstores, airwaves, and the Web will soon be awash in all things Al Gore again. He will releasing a new book, the sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, on November 9, 2009.

The new book, Our Choice, "will lay out a 'blueprint' for solving the climate crisis," according to a press release posted on the Huffington Post. Why publish a sequel (other than to satisfy Gore's need for the spotlight)?
Said Vice President Gore, "An Inconvenient Truth reached millions of people with the message that the climate crisis is threatening the future of human civilization and that it must and can be solved. Now that the need for urgent action is even clearer with the alarming new findings of the last three years, it is time for a comprehensive global plan that actually solves the climate crisis. Our Choice will answer that call." [bold added]
I'm not clear about what alarming new findings there have been in the last three years. I know that more and more scientists are publicly questioning the fantastical claims of the alarmists, that sun activity is thought to be the main factor in any warming, and that a decrease in sun activity is expected, along with a continuing of the cooling trends we are seeing now. Is that the crisis to which Mr. Gore refers?

Expect this book to ratchet up the hysteria, as the environmentalists frantically try to convince the world that the "science is settled" and drastic measures are needed.


Burgess Laughlin said...

As a long-term student of history, I am looking forward to watching the "trajectory" of this new Al Gore book. Actually proposing a plan is more daring -- and fraught with pitfalls -- for Al Gore than was his AIT picture book.

AIT raised an alarm, around which a lot of people with varied ideas rallied. Offering a particular plan may provoke disagreement in the Environmentalist movement -- and bore others. It also exposes Mr. Gore to even more searching criticism than he has received in the past.

I suspect that intellectual activists who have rejected Imminent Catastrophically Anthropogenic Climate Change may now be better armed and better trained for criticism than they were with AIT. The critics' response time -- the time required to publish detailed criticisms -- might be much shorter now. We will see.

C. August said...

Very good insight. One of the reasons I posted this news item was to notify reasoned critics to plan ahead and get their arguments ready. Your point about Gore actually proposing a real plan which can be attacked, even by his supposed allies, is even more reason to be well prepared.

brendan said...

My favorite part of the "science is settled" argument is that it is so idiotically self-defeating. Science by definition is never settled.

I agree with you and Mr. Laughlin that the new book will be met with more sure-footed criticism than the previous one. Unfortunately that will only serve to increase the hysterical pitch of the supporters. I'll see if I can pick up some earplugs.