Police News From Chicago To Nigeria

All you need to join the Chicago police force is a good uniform, apparently. This past Saturday, a 14-year-old kid walked into the Grand Crossing District station wearing an authentic uniform (sans badge and gun), signed out a walkie-talkie and ticket book, and was partnered up with another cop for a 5 hour shift. He accompanied the real cop on routine traffic stops, and no one raised any suspicions until the shift was over. Unbelievable.

Chicago has no monopoly on police incompetence, however (though they have less of an excuse). Last week, a roving vigilante mob in Nigeria handed over a goat to police, claiming that it was a shapeshifting witch who was stealing cars. The police arrested the goat.

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Jenn Casey said...

That Chicago gig is Ryan's dream come true! He even has the same uniform. Sweet.