Phrase of the Day

I'm blatantly ripping off RationalJenn with the title of this post... I trust she won't mind.

Via my wife, the following was uttered by my 3-year-old son today:

R: You know everything, mom! You're momniscient!*

Yes. Yes, she is.

* We often teach the kids $10 words, because they ask us what the words mean when we say something and they don't know it already. Omniscient came up recently, and R. took it and made it his own, in the context of his world.

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Jenn Casey said...

THAT is pure awesomeness. :o) And it's in the context of my world, too. So I'm going to work that one into my everyday vocabulary, too. It would be a shame in the butt if I didn't, don't you think?