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This Day In History

196 years ago today, President James Madison signed the war declaration against England, kicking off the War of 1812.

Dual Celebrity Sighting

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting, in-person, Mr. Gus Van Horn. Yes, THE Gus Van Horn. One funny thing that came up in conversation was the similarity between his pseudonym and mine. Specifically, his pseudonymous "full name" is Caesar Augustus Van Horn, and he has quite a good story to go behind it.

I go by C. August, which I realized later looks like an abbreviation of his (and I don't even have a fun story to support it!) The fact is, C. August is dangerously close to my actual name, which is where I pulled it from. I can't say any more, lest my secret superpowers vanish in a puff of smoke. But what it came down to was that, while I do want to obscure my true identity for now, I couldn't see myself writing anything under a name like "That Reason Guy" or "Objecti-dude" or "Historical Figure Who Championed Reason".

The heading for this section alluded to two celebrity sightings. The other one was mentioned by Gus in his blog. As we walked into Jacob Wirth's and headed for our table, we passed an old guy at the bar. I happen to be very very good at remembering faces (not so with names, however) and knew instantly that it was the head doc on ER. Eventually, I remembered that his character was Dr. Anspaugh.

As Gus and I sat plotting world domination, a young-ish woman noticed the actor and accosted him. I couldn't hear what was said, but I soon got a taste of it. She passed our table a few minutes later and for some reason chose me to talk to about her celebrity sighting (note: those who know me can confirm that I am not very approachable). My guess is that the restaurant was mostly empty and I was the first non-famous person she saw.
She said, "Oh My Gawd! He's famous! Who is he?"

I replied, "I don't know his real name, but he plays Dr. Anspaugh on E.R."

"Yeah! He's famous! What's his name?"

"I still don't know his name, but he plays Dr. Anspaugh on E.R."

"Uh, yeah! Ooohhh, he's wicked smaaht!" And with that, she walked on.
I thought it was appropriate that Gus got a full appreciation of the Boston accent, applied in the proper setting. See, he plays a doctor on television. Therefore, he's "wicked smaaht." Welcome to Boston!


Monica said...

Nice. Next time you are in Colorado (if that ever happens), you and your wife and Robb and I should make an attempt to get together.

Jenn Casey said...

I'm all jealous of both you and Gus! You, for meeting Gus in person, and Gus, for getting to see you in person!

I don't know . . . if all of the Cool Kid Bloggers are going to be up in Boston, maybe we should join you.

Glad you had fun, and, yes, it is funny that you got to be included in that lady's celebrity oohing and aahing. Maybe you shouldn't have worn your "Talk To Me About Your Celebrity Sighting" t-shirt that day.

C. August said...

Thanks, Monica. The invitation goes both ways -- if y'all are in the Boston area, definitely let me know. I don't anticipate any trips to CO anytime soon, unfortunately, what with the likely lack of funerals or weddings to attend.

Jenn, it is true that all the Cool Kids are moving to the Athens of America. Thus, it's clear that you and your ever-expanding brood are duty bound to move up here. That's all there is too it. A nice house with a pool is going on the market in my neighborhood, just down the street. hint, hint.

And strangely enough, I was wearing my "Powered by Evil" t-shirt, but it didn't dissuade the girl. I think she couldn't read.

Gus Van Horn said...

Cough! Dual celebrity sighting! Oh, the pressure! Now, I might have to live up to something, although fortunately, the local standards seem to be low!

It was great meeting you, and I hope we can fit in the occasional after-work quaff once I make it up there permanently.

Atlanta will be on my way to Boston when I'm making the Big Move. I'll drop you a line some time before, Rational Jenn.

Lynne said...

Thank Gawd I wasn't in town yestiddy 'cause that coulda been me saying you guys "are wicked smaaht!". That accent, which is only enhanced by open-mouth gum chewing by the way, is one of few pleasures of being a native Bostonian (well, okay, suburbanite, now exurbanite).

That and, oh yeah, the history, the ocean, the sports teams, the hospitals, the museums, the theatre, the architecture...

If the politics don't kill you, Massachusetts can be a pretty great place.

C. August said...

Gus, I have been known to enjoy an after-work beer on occasion, and I look forward to introducing you to the fine Boston Irish bar tradition. Surprisingly, they have a few of them out here. I hope you like Guinness. And it just occurred to me... we picked the only German pub in Eastern Mass!

LB, one thing I didn't mention in my tale was that the young woman in question was, well, interesting in appearance.

One of the first things I noticed about her, and the thing I kept returning to, was her teeth. She had, as I said at the time, "summer teeth."

As in "Some 'er there, some 'er not." I don't know if she was chewing cud or not, but it would have fit perfectly.

So... who is going to host the first Massachusetts Objectivist Blogger Salon (MOBS) barbecue this summer, when Gus is back in town?

Gus Van Horn said...


I like it!

Lynne said...

I like it too, but immediately thought of "The MOB" with a nod to "The Collective".

I'll make the t-shirts (but not the ribbons)!

C. August said...

Well.... that's part of the appeal of it, LB!

Lynne said...

So why not The MOB instead of MOBS? I need to know before I order 100 shirts!

Too obvious?

You know, I may have most of my teeth, but I still chew gum with my mouth open.

C. August said...

What are you saying that "The MOB" stands for? Or are you just "leaving the last 'S' off for savings?"**

And are you sure 100 T-shirts will be enough? I'm sure they'll sell like hotcakes. I guess you can always have more made if we need it, though.

**(Mattress Discounters? 1-800-MATTRES - leave the last S off for savings? *sigh*)

Lynne said...

Sadly, I understood your reference to the Dial-A-Mattres(s) commercial, but why do we need the Salon part? Can't we be The Massachusetts Objectivist Bloggers (who periodically get together) or do you think the "Salon" bit will be a big draw?

Frankly, I'm not certain Stephen would wear a shirt that said "The MOB" on it - even for a good cause. Depending on where we hold the "Salon" in Boston, wearing MOB shirts could be a bad move there, too.

Hmmm. I guess I'll hold off on the shirts for now.

And where is that kitchen appliance quiz? Did I miss it?

Jenn Casey said...

Man! I am missing out on some bloggy fun!

I'll have to think of a clever acronym for some Atlanta-based (or maybe Southern-based) O'ist bloggers.

I love your Powered By Evil shirt--silly girl who didn't read.

And Gus, yes, please let us know if you're ever in town! We'll definitely have to get together. :o)

C. August said...

Man, this is harder than naming a band. Or a kid.

So Stephen wouldn't wear a kitschy The MOB shirt? How about we adopt these shirts as our unofficial official team shirt? I'm sure he'd wear that one.

And no, I never created the Kitchen Appliance quiz. I'm too much of a George Foreman Grill to get around to doing it.

Lynne said...

That shirt was made for me! I'm so getting one. And no. I don't think he'd wear that either.

Really, C. August, you need to make the appliance quiz - that last comment made me laugh out loud!

Rational Jenn, I'm sure you have nothing better to do over the next few days than to come up with a clever name (or two).

Gus Van Horn said...

They'd probably share it with us (and I'd like the reference), but MOB does already stand for something.