The Evil, Black Heart of Environmentalism

For all the glitzy, fun, and hip messages we see on TV (especially children's programming) about earth day, the true essence of the green movement is most emphatically NOT about making the earth a better place for humans.

I've posted it a few times before, but it is so dead on, here it is again:
Most of the doe-eyed and brainwashed zealots who mouth platitudes about "saving the earth" aren't honest or intelligent enough to see what they're saying for what it is. But theirs is the malevolent view of human life, and their ultimate end--whether they grasp it or not--is the utter destruction of humanity, raising the value of bugs, weeds, and rocks above human happiness.

This is the life-or-death alternative faced by humanity. We either purposefully, rationally, happily exploit the resources of nature for our survival and flourishing, or we live the nasty, brutish, and short lives of savages.

Ask yourself which one of the alternatives is embraced by the likes of Gore and Holdren? Which one does the green movement idealize as perfection?


Avarice said...
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Avarice said...

Absolutely right. I am going to repost this photo with thoughts of my own at ALT Reason