Less Than Human

Jason just posted about a set of newly released photos of 9/11, but the real kicker is what he has to say about the significance of 9/11 itself.
The lesson of 9/11 is not that there are people in the Middle East that hate us, it is not that terrorists smote the "great Satan" by knocking down the towers, it is not that Islam is a religion of violence (although it is), it is that faith is absolutely anathema to human life.

The destruction of the Towers is the result of faith: because without reason and evidence, anything can be justified. It does not matter if you are a christian, muslim, scientologist, marxist, ad nauseum: to the extent to which you operate by faith you are less than human and a great danger to human life and civilized society.
Those who may think his words are too extreme, that "surely you don't really believe that faith is that bad, do you?". . . just look at the damn pictures. It's not that bad. It's worse.


Jason Stotts said...

Thanks C.


Anonymous said...

Civilization will have advanced when the last brick from the last church--or synagogue, or mosque, or other "house of worship"-- falls on the last priest, rabbi, imam, etc.