Hand Waving

I unfortunately don't have time to get into detail about the recent hacking of global warming alarmists' emails and subsequent posting of them for all the world to see. Luckily, Peter Cresswell at Not PC has collected a number of links worth checking out.

He also has this to say:
That’s really the crux of it right there. The world is not warming. They don’t know why. And it doesn’t fit any of their models.

Which means the “consensus” is a bust, the “science is settled” meme is a bust – and The Team themselves know that.

All the rest is hand waving.
He also quotes Andrew Bolt saying, "Most of the media reporting is easing into this Great Global Warming Conspiracy story sideways, but the tide is slowly turning . . . " I certainly hope he's right, and that I'll have reason to blog about this issue again and again because it has blown up into a media firestorm. If it does, it will be about damn time that the MSM pays attention.

I'm not going to hold my breath, though. If nothing else, people's ever-increasing ability to evade reality is one thing that continues to amaze me.


Kyle Haight said...

Don't forget about the media's amazing ability to apply double-standards in pursuit of their political agenda. The New York Times -- which consistently publishes leaked documents damaging to US national security, and which had no problem linking to Sarah Palin's hacked e-mails during the 2008 presidential campaign -- refused to link to the 'Climate Gate' data because it was obtained by someone hacking the CRU.

It is to laugh.

I expect an uptick in media 'concern' over data privacy issues, in an attempt to turn the story into a debate over how the data was made public rather than over the data itself.

C. August said...

Interesting. You're probably right, but I hope this keeps building. The details are so amazingly damning, only massive evasion could keep it down. Wait... that's the media's job. Crap.

avi said...

The immediate lesson from the burst of the global warming bubble is that we - the rational part of humanity - didn't win through sheer use of reason. We won through hacking into their computers, that is through an act of war. There is a lesson we all have to learn here.