Two-bit Robespierres

Head on over to The New Clarion for Myrhaf's latest.  I only wish that the average American would even understand the reference when he says "...we have two-bit Robespierres like Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank and Barack Obama consuming our wealth in order to buy reelection and maintain their grasp on power."  I suppose if they did—and understood both how apt and profoundly negative that evaluation is—we might not be in the situtation we're in now.


Jana von Alpha said...

Well put, even more so recently in lieu of the flagrant disregard for bankruptcy law that seems presently to be in fashion, we may be in for a Western "Reign of Terror" under Obama's rule. Or perhaps in response to it (not that I'm suggesting something like this- Agent Smith)
it is also frightening that many people now preach to capitalists from behind a podium of "morality" and "altruism" whilst they themselves are blatant offenders.

Unknown said...

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