Sunstein, Philosopher Kings, and the Ideal Citizen

Don't miss Doug Reich's excellent post about Cass Sunstein. News outlets and the blogosphere have been exploding over the past few days with discussions of Sunstein's views on regulating the Internet with a fairness doctrine, among other radical ideas. Doug goes further and deeper in his analysis than you'll see elsewhere. I'll leave the title of this post as a teaser for you to go read Doug's...

With the imminent departure of Souter from the Supreme Court, Sunstein is also being discussed as a potential candidate. He has for months been my dark horse pick for one of Obama's nominations to the Court, but I don't think it will be now. To satisfy the race- and gender-based factions of his party, I predict Obama will pick a woman or a non-white first. Because of course the skin color or gender of a person means they will be more fair minded or some such nonsense.

My hope is that the public outcry about Sunstein's radically leftist ideas will continue, making him impossible to nominate.

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