PolySci 3240

Via Randex, comes this short note on an upcoming course offered at Northwestern State U. in Natchitoches, LA. According to their press release:
A new class at Northwestern State University will examine a topic which has dominated the news in recent months; the relationship between government and the economy.

Political Science 3240, Capitalism and Democracy, will be taught by Professor of Political Science Dr. Alex Aichinger.

“This is a class I have wanted to teach for a number of years and recent events have made this class even more relevant,” said Aichinger. “This is the type of class that can be adjusted in response to current events.”

Aichinger said the class would focus on ways in which politics affects the structure and performance of the economy and the ways in which the economy affects the structures, institution and practices of politics.

The course will include classic works by Aristotle and John Locke, more contemporary readings from economist Milton Friedman and novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand and recent books by founder of The Vanguard Group John Bogle and former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.
Ayn Rand and Robert Reich? That will provide quite a contrast. Still, it's pretty cool to see a new course like this popping up, even if I couldn't pick out Natchitoches, LA from a map to save my life.

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