"Food is surely a right"

It's Time to Nationalize Grocery Stores, says Richard Ralston at Capitalism Magazine. He makes as good a case for it as proponents of socialized medicine make for seizing the health care industry.

Some of his proposals include a new regime of "electronic food purchasing records," so that government can effectively monitor caloric intake, and a "Comparative Calorie and Taste Administration" to battle the scourge of unnecessary potato chip and beer brands.


brendan said...

It never ceases to amaze me when a Statist will decry "corporate greed", and then in the same breath propose a government solution. Government, the biggest and most greedy "corporation" of all. Government, the only "corporation" that can legally put a gun to your temple and force you to buy their, um, "product".

I'm sure it will be *totally* impossible for Frito-Lay or Little Debbie to successfully lobby to have their products declared as "healthy caloric intake", thus making it a required part of our diverse diet.

C. August said...

I'm pretty sure that Frito-Lay will have at least a few of its brands declared "necessary" by the CCTA. Chee-tohs and Corn Chips will be necessary because of their uniqueness, while Ruffles will be found "unnecessary" because they are only wavy versions of regular potato chips. At least, when I'm appointed Secretary of the CCTA -- it will obviously be a cabinet-level position -- that is how I will rule... I mean, regulate.

brendan said...

Hail to C. August, Supreme and Benevolent Overseer of our Patriotic Diet!

I agree that Frito-Lay will succeed under the new regime, even where Little Debbie may not. Chester Cheetah is clearly of African-American descent, where Little Debbie is obviously a trust fund brat.

brendan said...

And hey, why are you hatin' on Ruffles? What about my right to ridges?

C. August said...

As I said, the public does not need unnecessary duplication in it's choice of potato chips. You do have a right to a potato chip, but there is no such thing as a right to ridges. Ridges are an arbitrary distinction.

And you should know that some citizens who spoke too loudly in favor of Ruffles met with disciplinary action. That of course is not a threat. Just a friendly bit of information.