How to Fix the Economy While Standing on One Foot

Many others have linked to this excellent interview of Dr. Yaron Brook by The Objective Standard's Craig Biddle, but the following few sentences got me so pumped that I just had to write a quick blog post. Here's the bit, converted into bullets to show how simple it could be:
  • Americans must learn that the solution to the crisis is not to give up on freedom, but to expand freedom.
  • We need to liberate the economy from the regulatory shackles that led banks to make unsound loans.
  • We need to slash taxes and government spending, and start to rebuild capital.
  • We need to end the bailouts, the nationalizations, and stimulus bills that are delaying recovery by propping up businesses that need to be liquidated.
  • We need to end the Federal Reserve’s attempts to engineer the economy and, eventually, abolish the Fed altogether.
  • But more than anything else, Americans need to understand the philosophical roots of this crisis. They need to know that freedom cannot coexist with altruism.
  • And they need to know that there is a rational alternative to the destructive ideas that dominate America today: Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.

There you have it. Seven bullet points, typed up while I was standing on one foot.

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