Happy Blogiversary to Me

It's hard for me to believe, but it's been just over a year since I started this blog. The real date was March 6th, 2008, and seeing Stephen's post at One Reality (his 1-year date was March 11th) reminded me that I completely missed my blogiversary. I forget holidays and birthdays too, including my own.

I have gained immense value from blogging. It has allowed me to formalize my thoughts on issues -- both political and philosophical -- on a daily basis, digging deeper and fleshing out my arguments more than if I wasn't writing. I have benefited from the wisdom of many new friends, co-bloggers, and commenters. And I've had a lot of fun in the process. Special thanks go to Rational Jenn for pestering me inspiring me to undertake this endeavor, and the advice and example of Gus Van Horn for how to get started.

The number of visitors to the blog is modest--roughly 1,500 per month--but it's more than I ever imagined, and I'm happy to see it continually trending upward.

I have a couple of goals for my blogging in the coming year, including more short "I saw this random thing and thought it was interesting" posts, as well as more substantive articles. To be frank, the election and subsequent crashes took a lot out of me, mentally. I think one of the problems has been that I've been focused too much on the political, and with the hectic run up to the election and the subsequent realization (and more) of all the dire predictions, I ran out of new things to say. "I told you so" gets old.

So I will attempt to increase my output of in-depth investigations into the ideas that are at the root of the political mess we're in, and intersperse them with more shorter pieces. Hopefully this will give me the time to spend on the bigger things, while not stagnating the blog with days and days of dead air.

However it takes shape, I'm looking forward to another year.


Jenn Casey said...

Happy Blogiversary to you! Always happy to boss someone into doing what I think they ought to be doing (just ask my children). You're welcome very much!

On a serious note, I have really enjoyed reading your posts. The research and craft you put into your writing is evident and inspires me to up my game, too!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I've been very happy recently to see the number of good Objectivist bloggers increase. While the recent political scene has been grim, it is inspiring to read other Objectivists out there fighting the good fight. It is also good to see a lot of Objectivist parents out there raising families. It makes me feel better seeing that others are doing it too.

C. August said...

Thanks, Brian. And I don't know if I responded you one of your comments awhile ago, but yes, we did attend Purdue together. Drop me an email at titanic.deckchairs@gmail.com some time.

Michael Neibel said...

Happy Blogversary! Keep up the great work.