When You're A Dad...

When you're the father of a 3-year-old boy, it's quite possible that you could go to work and not notice for over two hours that you have a blue monster truck sticker on your chest.


Jenn Casey said...


The title of this post has me singing,

"When you're a Dad, you're a Dad all the way, from your first cigarette, to your last dying day!"

C. August said...

And that song is true, with or without the cigarette.

Regarding post titles making one think of a song, a couple of posts ago was titled "Obama Chameleon." I had in my head

"Obama bama bama bama
bama chameleon
you come and go
you come and go"

When I got home, T. said "I almost posted a comment with the lyrics to Karma Chameleon to your blog!" So I guess I wasn't the only one!

Anonymous said...

How 'bout the other day when you had a green foam heart sticker with "BFF" written on it right smack in the middle of your back?