Visual Election Guide - Update

Thanks to everyone who has either commented on or linked to the McBama election aid I posted last week. (Welcome readers from Daily Pundit and Little Green Footballs.)

At the request of a few, I have posted a new version of it on CafePress. Apparently, there is a demand for t-shirts, coffee mugs, and bumper stickers, and I'm just the man to meet it.

There are two versions, actually. One with just the images of our two illustrious candidates and their starkly different positions on the key issues, and the other has an added tagline. Here they are:
A Visual Guide to the Election

Enjoy! And let me know if there is a CafePress product I haven't included on the site (buttons, teddy bears, baby "onesies", etc.) that you'd like to order. Just leave a comment on this post.

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Jenn Casey said...

You rock. I'm soooo getting a shirt!

Lynne said...

Hey - won't wearing that invite conversation with strangers?

I love it. I'd just better learn to run faster.

Jim said...

Yesterday, I was listening to the Objectivist Seminar's discussion of Peikoff's _Ominous Parallels_ and they mentioned this graphic in their first session.

C. August said...

Thanks for that info, Jim. Do you have an idea of approximately when in that first mp3 the mention of the graphic is?

And just to be sure, is this the page where the download for that first session is?