Beach, Sun, and Fun

We'll be leaving this afternoon for our annual trip to the Outer Banks, NC. The kids are bouncing-off-the-walls excited, and despite dreading the drive, I'm getting there too.

I will have my laptop with me, so there may be some posts over the next week, but I make no guarantees. One thing I would like to do is compile in a new post the great list of classical music recommendations that readers made. I have listened to most of them, and there is some great stuff there. And if you have some recommendations and haven't posted them in a comment, please do.

In random blog news, I have decided to turn off comment moderation. After nearly 6 months of blogging, I have yet to need to reject a comment, so there doesn't appear to be a reason to review them before they're posted.

OK, vacation, here I come!

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