Pope to Kids: Jsus roX 4evr!

This is just too absurd not to mention. From Reuters we see that the Pope will be sending text messages to youths on something called World Youth Day in July.
The Pope will text daily messages of inspiration and hope during the six-day Sydney event while digital prayer walls will be erected at event sites and the church will set up a Catholic social networking Web site akin to a Catholic Facebook.
Just imagine Pope Benedict (whose former job, as SB has noted, was as lead Inquisitor) sitting on his couch in sweatpants, texting teens while watching the CW network. During an ad break in One Tree Hill, he takes a quick webcam shot of himself and posts it on CatholicFacebook.

TTFN! BFF! Jsus died 4 uR sinS!


Monica said...

LOL. This blog rox. u r gr8. awesome dude.

Seriously, though -- not bizarre at all. The Catholic church is apparently picking up on something the Pentecostal Christians figured out decades ago. i.e. if you want to suck kids into religion you have to use modern technology and other aspects of pop culture to make them think religion is "cool": cell phones, heavy metal music, etc. I'm surprised it took the il papi this long, actually.

C. August said...

I can happily say I don't even know what a Pentecostal Christian is. Are they the ones that speak in tongues and play with snakes?

Anyway, I agree that Le Pape is just following the "hook 'em with gadgets, toys and candy" strategy.

There's just something special about the thought of a guy who looks like the Emperor from Star Wars and who holds one of the most historically evil positions in one of the most destructive organizations in the world, holding a little Nokia phone and texting pimple-faced teens about Jesus.

C. August said...

Looks like I had the Pentecostal thing partly right! Check out Flibbert's fond reminiscence of being raised in such a church.

Lynne said...

It reminds me of that movie, Saved! where the pastor tried to be so cool with the kids- he was really creepy. Some of them will figure it out.

Can papal online video gaming be far behind? EverAfterQuest anyone?