Hugs for Hamas

Jimmy Carter is at it again, this time openly hugging a Hamas official in a pandering, disgusting "peace" mission to the Middle East.

Former president Jimmy Carter angered Israel's government yesterday by embracing a Hamas politician during a visit to the West Bank, ignoring Israeli and US designation of the Islamic militants as a terror group.

Israel accused Carter, the broker of the first Arab-Israeli peace accord, of "dignifying" extremists. But Carter vowed to meet Hamas' supreme leader this week in Syria.

Carter, a Nobel Peace laureate, also laid a wreath at Yasser Arafat's grave, another break with US policy during a private peace mission to the Middle East that includes stops in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Syria - where the virulently anti-Israel Hamas movement has its headquarters. Carter returns to Israel on Monday.

Carter has been shunned by Israel this week [ed: Good for them!], and the White House has criticized him for his willingness to meet with Hamas leaders. Carter says the United States and Israel should stop isolating the group, whose control of the Gaza Strip threatens to undermine Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts. [bold added]

In what I can only imagine is a lingering, intense but unidentified guilt at his appeasement of and ultimate failure to confront Iran during his presidency, Carter has now exposed himself to be a complete crackpot. We can only interpret his actions as either an evasion on a massive scale, or else openly anti-American. Perhaps it's both.

That he is seen as representing America in any way is a travesty, and it's a black mark on the history of our nation that we ever elected him president.


Update: Myrhaf has posted a shocking Carter quote that you just have to see to believe.


Lynne said...

Having been alive (but not yet enfranchised) during Jimmy Carter's run for office, I remember hearing that his win had more to do with Ford's pardon of Nixon (seen as sanctioning dishonesty) and his own stunning admission of lust (seen as bold honesty) than anything else.

Kind of makes you glad Bill Clinton took that "admission of lust as sign of honesty" thing right out of the equation, doesn't it?

Stephen Bourque said...

Since he has left office, Jimmy Carter has gone out of his way to embrace two-bit dictators, from Cuba to the Middle East.

We've had too many bad Presidents for me to say that Mr. Carter is the very worst (though he is among the worst). However, I would say with confidence that he is the worst ex-President we've ever had.

C. August said...

Good point, SB. Although he is one among many awful Presidents, Carter is definitely the worst ex-President.

I makes me wonder how the role of ex-Presidents has evolved over the years. Is the phenomenon of Carter and Clinton using their status to insinuate themselves in world events a new one? Or does it depend on the particular person? Have various popularity-seeking ex-Presidents taken on the role of meddling elder statesman throughout history?