Boston Bound?

It looks like the Caesar Augustus Van Horn family may be moving to Boston due to Mrs. Van Horn's new residency at a Boston area hospital.

That's got to be a tough situation. You know the change is coming, you've planned for it for years, but even then you can be surprised at where you end up. Gus said Boston was their 14th choice. I'm not sure how many possible choices there were, but that must be pretty low on the list.

Still, Boston is a great city, and despite the overwhelming leftist nature of much of the culture and politics, one good thing is that there are a TON of really smart people around. The chances of meeting them or working with them are pretty good. I've lived in some midwestern states where it didn't seem like there was an intelligent, let alone rational, person within 200 miles. And it's nearly OK to be an atheist here.

So welcome to Boston, Gus!


Gus Van Horn said...

Thanks again for the welcome, and let me reiterate that it was only for the fact that Boston did not fit well into my plans that we ranked it as low as we did.

That squeaking sound coming from the southwest is me in the process of screwing my head on straight!

Lynne said...

Yah..lawts of smaht people heyah.
(Excluding those who think that "they'll" is a legitimate contraction of "there will" -me in my comment to Gus! Oops.)

Thanks C. August for the pointer to Gus' move to the Commonwealth. We can sure use the help.