I knew it was coming, and still I'm surprised. As late as last Friday, I had allowed myself the hope that Obamacare would be defeated. I was inspired by the work of Paul Hsieh and others, and thought that maybe, just maybe, America would stave off the Leviathan.

I was wrong.

It's easy to blame the Democrats, but then again, we knew they have been salivating over enslaving the productive and have been gleefully doing it for well over a century. It's easy to blame the Republicans for barely mustering a counterargument that goes further than "we agree with you that it's our Christian duty to provide for the needy, but this just costs too much!" Democrats are the pushers, and Republicans are the friends who state their disapproval but cover for them anyway.

My outrage is broader, as I don't expect anything good from the leeches in Congress.

I am disgusted by every person in America who thinks this health care nationalization is well-intentioned and probably for the best.

I am disgusted by every person who evades the consequences of this bill and says "well, something had to be done!"

I am disgusted by my friends and family members who are smart enough to know better, but who abdicate the responsibility to think and thus welcome the further enslavement of me and my children to the state out of fear and willful ignorance.

I am disgusted by the businessman who sees the premiums he is paying for his employees go up, and sees the destruction of the health care industry and picking of my pockets as the pragmatic solution.

This is the choice you are making: you're calling for the gun to my head (and yours). You think that's melodramatic? How is the government going to enforce this? How else do they do anything? If I disagree and disobey, the guns come out. Is this the America you wanted?

Myrhaf was dead-on in saying "Darkness Descends."

We can’t even begin to know how this bill will worsen our lives. It turns doctors into creatures of the state. Rationing will have to happen, as it always does in socialism. Taxes will rise. 16,000 new IRS agents will be hired to audit Americans, taking us closer to a police state.

For a long time we have been more like Mussolini’s Italy than Jefferson’s America. Tonight we took another leap down the road to serfdom. The America we once knew — a safe and happy place full of “can do spirit” and productive individualists — is now dead. With fear and loathing we look toward the new America.

What I feel right now for all those in favor -- even grudgingly -- of what happened last night is a profound disgust. A deep moral revulsion. These aren't parlor games, and this isn't an abstract political discussion. Your ideas are antithetical to my life and the lives of my children, and now those ideas are being put into full practice. This is on your head.


Jenn Casey said...

Well said. Completely agree. I can't write any more or I'll just go on and on.

The Rat Cap said...

YES! Well put.

HaynesBE said...

Stay angry. Stay active.

Brian Fritts said...

I couldn't agree more. I find it exceptionally difficult to even work today.

Like you, I knew this was coming, but had some hope that it could be stopped. I am disgusted, but more than that, I am exceptionally angry. I mean really mad.

I find myself thinking of the allegory of the 20th Century Motor Company, and knowing where this leads.

I have some, but not much, hope for some of the legal challenges that may be raised.

C. August said...

I'm with you, Brian. It's hard to imagine an entire country ripping itself apart like the 20th Century, but that's where we're headed. And I share your skepticism about the prospects of legal challenges.

Jenn Casey said...

Is there any hope from these 38 states who are (supposedly, I haven't investigated too much) going to challenge/oppose ObamaCare? My state is on the list, and I plan to write to whomever I need to, but I really don't know if there is a legal foot to stand on. I suspect there is, but the promise of federal $$ (blackmail) will be too much...

Brian Fritts said...


There are some Ninth and Tenth Amendment grounds that have been suggested; however, an Article I, Section 8 (Commerce Clause), challenge would probably have the best shot at prevailing. Traditionally, insurance regulation has been left to the states and not considered commerce subject to the Clause.

I could possibly see 3-4 votes against the health care bill, but it would be very difficult to get 5 votes. However, it would be somewhat encouraging if it were overturned, as it would indicate that the Roberts Court might be taking the doctrine of enumerated powers seriously.

Fish Without said...

Couldn't agree more. For the past few days I've been unable to stomach any related news. Glad to know there are at least a few left with their heads on straight. Keep up the good work.