Objectivist Roundup Turns Two

Welcome to the July 16, 2009 edition—and 2 Year Anniversary!—of the Objectivist Roundup, your weekly dose of intellectual fuel and ammunition.

This roundup features posts by blog authors who are advocates of Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. She called it a "philosophy for living on earth" -- as opposed to religious mysticism focused on some non-existent other world, or an ivory tower muddle of conflicting ideas disconnected from reality and the lives of men.

The first Objectivist Roundup happened on the third Thursday of the month, July 19th, 2007, at Kim's Play Place, and contained three posts. Now it regularly contains twenty+, from Objectivists all over the globe. Today, we have an overflow of posts, with some bloggers submitting three or more. I checked out each one, hoping to be able to cull some, but they're all good.

Enjoy Objectivist Roundup #105!

  1. Michael Labeit presents On Sonia Sotomayor and Judicial Craptivism posted at Philosophical Mortician, saying, "Sotomayor on race and guns."

  2. Our resident New Zealander gives a rousing huzzah! to America's Independence Day, contrasts it with the bloody French Revolution, and then takes on environmentalism:
    1. Peter Cresswell presents Let Freedom Reign! Happy July 4th! posted at Not PC, saying, "In which I try to persuade New Zealanders -- most of whom prefer to ignore it -- that the events that Independence Day celebrate "are as important to us down here as they to those up there. July 4 isn’t just a day to celebrate American independence, but our own as well.""

    2. Peter Cresswell presents Quote of the day: Robert Murphy on climate change posted at Not PC, saying, "When the local Green Party talks "in the spirit of economic literacy" about the importance of strangling industry today for illusory effects on "climate change" in the future, it's time to give them and their Greenwash a damn good kicking."

    3. Peter Cresswell presents It’s Bastille Day! [updated] posted at Not PC, saying, ""It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Peter Cresswell celebrates and considers Bastille Day, and why the French Revolution is something both to admire, and abhor."

  3. Jennifer Snow presents Moral Thermostat? posted at Literatrix, saying, "Some commentary on an article that illuminates the psychological consequences of duty-based ethics."

  4. Stella continues her blistering attacks on the irrationality of government interference in medicine, presenting:
    1. An indication of priorities posted at ReasonPharm, saying, "What Obama's latest choice for Surgeon General reveals about his vision for healthcare in America.", and

    2. And this is why Princeton gets none of my money posted at ReasonPharm, saying, "I'm submitting a second post this week, due to the scurrying going on in Washington to come up with a rights-violating healthcare plan."

  5. Lynne Bourque presents Unexpected Poetry posted at 3 Ring Binder, saying, "Reverence is contagious."

  6. Diana Hsieh presents The Demanding Altruist posted at NoodleFood, saying, "Is the altruist who demands sacrifices from others to satisfy his own petty desires a hypocrite--or something else?"

  7. Two Tea Party Speeches
    1. Edward Cline presents The New Tea Parties: An Overture to Reclaiming Our Lost Freedom posted at The Rule of Reason, saying, "This is an adaptation of an address I will make at the Richmond, Virginia Tea Party on July 25, 2009."

    2. Doug Reich presents Tea Party Speech: July 4, 2009, "My America" posted at The Rational Capitalist, saying, "Text of the speech I gave to over 1,000 people at a Tea Party."

  8. Ari Armstrong presents Love in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince posted at AriArmstrong.com, saying, "Love is an essential theme of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

  9. Kirk presents A is A: Values of Harry Potter: Lessons for Muggles (A review) posted at A is A, saying, "A review of Ari Armstrong's clever book in regards to the values upheld in the Harry Potter series."

  10. Trey (Flibbert) presents One of my Favorite Things: Alphonse Mucha's The Moon and Star Series posted at Trey Givens, saying, "I've started up my old blog! I like to think it's a good thing. Anyway, for my first carnival submission back at my old domain, I'm submitting a post that talks about some of my favorite art. Enjoy!"

  11. Adam Reed presents Three Democides by False Morality - Part II, The Ban on DDT posted at Born to Identify, saying, "Rachel Carson was particularly aghast at the use of chemical pesticides with the potential to eliminate entire non-human species, such as the insect vectors of malaria parasites and other deadly microorganisms, to save the lives of humans. In Carson's view, this amounted to one kind of cell harming the Superorganism for its own benefit - the equivalent of a global cancer."

  12. Gus Van Horn presents A Recycled Encyclical? posted at Gus Van Horn, saying, "Note to self: Send the pope a thank-you note for bringing up the moral basis of capitalism."

  13. Rational Jenn presents How Did I Miss This One? posted at Rational Jenn, saying, "I was alarmed to learn about a recent statement made by our Secretary of Education. He calls for a longer school week AND a longer school year."

  14. Rajesh Dhawan presents Ethics of paying for organ transplants posted at Objective extrospection, saying, "The immorality of organ transplant laws in America and the rest of the world. The prevention of payment for organs is the worst of all violations of individual rights, as the denial of organs is denial of life."

  15. US Airman and Noodlefoodler, Roderick Fitts, has a new blog focused on his investigations into induction. I'm looking foward to what he has to say.
    1. Roderick Fitts presents Aristotle on Induction posted at Inductive Quest, saying, "Roderick Fitts presents "Aristotle on Induction," the first stop on his grand adventure to understand induction."

    2. Roderick Fitts presents Induction's Bad Reputation posted at Inductive Quest, saying, "Roderick Fitts presents "Induction's Bad Reputation," another stop in which I discuss my problems with "induction by simple enumeration." I'm with Francis Bacon on this issue, and suggest that you should be too!"

  16. Paul Hsieh presents Feynman on Honors posted at NoodleFood, saying, "Physicist Richard Feynman's first-handed view on the pleasure he derived from his work."

  17. Doug was on fire this week, perhaps with pent up anger from missing OCON this year.

    1. Doug Reich presents Rational Animal Spirits posted at The Rational Capitalist, saying, "This post looks at two opposite approaches to analyzing the financial crisis - the right approach and the wrong approach."

    2. Doug Reich presents Looking at Obama's "Green Jobs" Through a Broken Window posted at simply Capitalism, saying, "This post debunks the myth that stimulus programs and/or cap and trade actually will "create" employment, so-called "Green Jobs"."

    3. Doug Reich presents Lethal Exposure posted at The Rational Capitalist, saying, "Given the deadly consequences of implementing the Cap and Trade Bill among other environmentalist and leftist proposals, can anyone argue that these people are "well intentioned idealists"?"

  18. Ryan Krause presents Finance Bitch #1 posted at The Money Speech, saying, "What speculators actually are, in case you were wondering."

  19. Finally, I present a spirited set of debates I had with a commenter about the Constitution, the motivations of the Framers, the understanding of natural rights at the time, the importance of ideas as drivers of history, and other light topics. It got contentious at times, but was fun and rewarding. See Debates on the Founding Era, Debates... Part 2, and the post that started it all, ARCTV - Ridpath on Patrick Henry.

That concludes the Second Anniversary Edition of the Objectivist Roundup, #105. Next week's host is Reality Talk. Submit your blog article to the Objectivist Roundup using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Jenn Casey said...

Hooray for our 2nd Anniversary! Thanks for hosting!

The Rat Cap said...


Thanks for such an excellent job on the roundup (and yes I was sad to miss OCON but appreciated your blog and other's who kept us posted)!

On the 2nd anniversary of the Roundup, let me say that I'm honored to be included in a list with all of these excellent O-bloggers and O-activists. Even a few years ago, this outpouring would have been unimaginable. The Roundup is a great vehicle and I truly appreciate the efforts of all who have helped keep it going for two years.

The quality of the work that is being done is staggering and that is a tribute to both the writers and the power of rational ideas.

Thanks again!

Kim said...

Brilliant job! Rational Jenn really has done an excellent job keeping it going along with all of the hosts and the contributors.

Peter Cresswell said...

Congratulations to all for two years of excellent reading. :)

"I checked out each one, hoping to be able to cull some . . . "

Sorry for hogging the place with three posts, but in my (partial) defence, two of them are holdovers from last week.

C. August said...

Believe me... I would have ripped some RIGHT out... if I could. But your juxtaposition of the American and French revolutions was worth the price of admission.

Amy said...

Nice roundup this week. I like the way you organized it.

Unknown said...

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