Don't Be Surprised

I've been discussing the looming health care "reform" with a friend the past few days, and I thought our short IM chat today was worthy of a quick post. Here's the transcript, edited for readability:
2:06 PM him: Did you know about this? [link to story about Obama's scheduled press conference to push his socialized health care plan] --should be a hoot
2:07 PM me: #$&!!(#
2:14 PM him: Wasn't there a lot of advertising by health care providers (and pharma companies?) against HillaryCare back then? Doesn't seem like that's happening this time around, not yet at least. But I'm wondering if it's related to the big pharmas* having initially made concessions to Obama to spare themselves further attack only to then be backstabbed by the White House.
2:15 PM me: Nope... they're caving. And, if you invite a vampire into your house, you shouldn't be surprised when he tries to suck your blood.
2:16 PM him: Right, so I'm wondering if since they now realize their blood is being sucked, will they man up and start advertising against it?
2:17 PM me: Nope. They'll negotiate on how many pints can be sucked per day.
2:19 PM him: Fair enough.
* We had previously discussed Stella's excellent post, Big Pharma reaps what it has sown, about what happens when business tries to self-regulate in order to preempt more intrusive government regulations, only to get screwed even worse. As she said:
In hopes of avoiding price controls and reimportation agreements, Big Pharma made a deal with the devil last month, promising Congress $80 billion in help lowering costs for drugs for seniors. Guess what: They're getting the price controls and the reimportation anyway -- on top of the revenue reductions they've already promised, and on top of the higher taxes Congress wants to impose upon their operations. [bold added]
She called it a deal with the devil, I said it was like inviting a vampire into your house. Either way, these fools need to wake up and stop being surprised when they compromise with bad men and it ends up worse than they could have imagined.

You: "But... Mr. Dracula! I thought you said you'd only take 1 pint a day! Any more will kill me!"

Drac: "Um. What's your point?"

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