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Yaron Brook is quoted in this piece in the entertainment section of CNN.com. As far as today's journalism goes, it's a pretty fair and balanced article. It does perpetuate the myth that Alan Greenspan was in favor of free markets in the past 20 years, but it also featured a very good quote from Brook:

The Rand Institute's Brook points out that, to Rand, selfishness did not mean disengagement from the world or sociopathy. "Rational self-interest, egoism, in Ayn Rand's perception is not being Bernie Madoff, not thinking short-term and satisfying just whims, and cheating and lying and stealing," he said. "It is about pursuing what's truly in your rational, long-term self-interest, figuring out what's good for you, without exploiting, taking advantage, without stealing from other people, without sacrificing from other people to yourself.

"But also," he added, "without sacrificing yourself to other people."

It's that debate over shared sacrifice that will likely continue to fuel Rand's critics, as well as her admirers. At bookstores, it will likely keep cash registers ringing, which could only have made the dollar-sign-wearing author very happy, indeed.

What a great thing it is to see this type of article published by the mainstream media.

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