Objectivist Roundup #69 -- Election '08

Welcome to the November 6, 2008 edition of the Objectivist Roundup.

The election on Tuesday has lent itself to an informal election-themed roundup this week. I have clustered the posts about the election at the top of the list, followed by other great insights and analyses, all written by authors who are animated by Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. According to Ayn Rand:

My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.

"About the Author," Atlas Shrugged, Appendix.

Without further ado, I present Objectivist Roundup #69!

  1. Paul Hsieh presents ABC News on Obama, Ayn Rand, and Selfishness posted at NoodleFood, saying, "Now that Obama is our President-elect, his earlier comments about "selfishness" and "sacrifice" take on a new significance. Obama has chosen to discuss these fundamental philosophical issues using our language. We must seize this golden opportunity to present our case to the American people in support of egoism and capitalism."
  2. Tom Stelene presents The Barbarians Breached the Gates posted at Al-Kafir Akbar!, saying, "Full-blown statism now has the best chance to establish itself in America than it has ever had. So, what do we do now to stop it?"
  3. Cogito presents Post-election Madness posted at Cogito's Thoughts, saying, "A short post letting off my frustration not at the election, but at the response to same."
  4. Darren Cauthon presents My Argument Against Voting posted at Darren Cauthon.
  5. Ari Armstrong presents Election Blues and Reviews IV: Toward GOP Revival posted at FreeColorado.com, saying, "I outline how the Republicans could create a new, winning liberty coalition. I also link to other articles reviewing election results in Colorado."
  6. Diana Hsieh presents Colorado's Election Results posted at NoodleFood, saying, "Here's a quick look at Colorado's surprisingly good election results."
  7. Myrhaf presents Meet the New Boss posted at Myrhaf, and follows up with a suggestion for a possible silver lining with The Bright Side. Be sure to check out the comments on "The Bright Side" for an interesting discussion about who are the best presidents since Lincoln.
  8. C. August presents Massachusetts Rejects Second Tea Party posted at Titanic Deck Chairs, saying, "The land that brought us the Boston Tea Party and the Shot Heard 'Round the World, now enthusiastically endorses the tyranny of the state income tax, and happily votes away others' rights for the sake of dogs."
  9. Gus Van Horn presents I like this guy! posted at Gus Van Horn. Gus discusses a book review about Samuel Adams, and says, "On the eve of the likely ascent of the Obamassiah to the Presidency, it is worth taking a look back in American history to a man who sounds like his total opposite, from his understanding of the value of freedom to his love for America."
  10. Ed Cline presents Some Notes on 'John Adams' posted at The Rule of Reason. Ed shares his thoughts after a second viewing of this historical docudrama.
  11. Adam Reed presents Counterproductive: A good idea badly argued. posted at Born to Identify, saying, "In context, a sufficiently bad argument for almost any idea becomes, in its effect on the literate reader, an argument against it. The Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights is a very good idea. I hope that in time its output will improve. But before that happens, it will need to do some heavy lifting in quality control."
  12. Michael Labeit presents On the Impossibility of Successful Government Socio-economic Interventionism posted at Philosophical Mortician.
  13. Shabana Insaf presents CEO Pay: Money Well Spent posted at The Undercurrent, "In this post, the author addresses questions such as how one person - a CEO - could be worth a multi-million-dollar salary, and whether it is fair for a CEO to make so much more than other employees of the company."
  14. Rational Jenn presents Independence And Food Allergies posted at Rational Jenn, saying, "In the first part of this post, I talk about how exciting it is to see my oldest becoming more independent. It's amazing! The second part describes some particular challenges to this nascent independence. Since I (of course) see independence as a virtue, I'm trying to figure out a way to handle this food allergy thing without squashing these new independent feelings right out of the poor kid."

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