Super-quick Roundup

Here are two things that I've been thinking a lot about but haven't had time to blog. I hope to expand on these topics, but in case I can't, I'd still like to highlight them.

EPA Intent on Regulating Us Out of Existence

Diana has already posted this Call to Action from John Lewis, but I wanted to post it here too. I have downloaded the 168 page PDF from the congressional record, and will try to read it over the next few days. It's a condensation of over 500 pages of text, so it will take a significant time to read. (How do these people have this much time to write this stuff?)

Regardless, this is an issue that will impact every facet of our economy, and thus every facet of our lives. If EPA succeeds in passing this new regulatory authority and it takes full hold in the coming years, I fear America's approach to a political/cultural tipping point towards collapse will accelerate significantly.

Google as Antitrust Target

Damon Payne has posted an interesting essay describing the problems associated with a firm attempting to succeed in business without running afoul of antitrust law...
...there are only three ways you can get yourself into Antitrust trouble in the US and the EU. As luck would have it, you must merely follow all three of these rules at once and you are safe:
  1. Do not charge the same price as your competitors. This is Collusion and harms consumers.
  2. Do not charge less than your competitors. This is Dumping and harms consumers.
  3. Do not charge more than your competitors. This is Monopoly Rent and harms consumers.
Which one do you pick? What's left to do? Is there any possible action left? Well... no. That is, unless you're willing to hold your nose and play the influence-peddling game. Damon answers ...
Finally, the business can start lobbying! How might a Monopoly notification from our government look, anyway?

Congratulations, you're a monopoly!

The United States government congratulates you on your achievements. Please be aware that starting today, you are forbidden to run your business in the same fashion that got you here. Enclosed, please find campaign donation envelopes for the major political parties.
Damon then calls a spade a spade, saying that the necessary lobbying amounts to "protection money." His post is a definite must-read.

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