The Fourth and The Floor

Fantastic 4th of July

We had a great time with friends and family on the 4th. Our town has a large and really good parade every year, and in the past we have walked down the hill to the closest point of parade route, watched the show, and walked home. Over the past year, we were fortunate to become friends with a family who lives right on the route, just across from the lake, and they had a party. So we packed the kids and food into the wagon and walked over there in the afternoon. It was the perfect place to watch a parade; the kids were free to run around and play, there was plenty of food and lots of concerned parents around to make sure everyone was safe and happy. What a wonderful time, and how great it is that we're only a 5 minute walk from it all!

The kids loved the parade this year. They were captivated by the marching bands -- A. said "I can feel the rhythm right in my belly!" as the big bass drums marched by. The horses were a big hit, as was the Revolutionary War re-enactor troupe, who even stood at attention and fired their replica muskets right in front of us. This made a big impression on R., who was still talking about it the next day. He also loved the antique fire trucks.

A. surprised us by plopping down in a chair next to one of her friends and barely moving from that spot for the whole 2 hour parade. Who knew she could pay attention to anything for that long? And R. was all over the place, like any 2 1/2 year old boy should be. I think he desperately wanted to be in the parade. He particularly enjoyed marching right along the side of the road, clapping and waving. And covering his ears.

Kitchen Update

I spent the rest of the weekend installing a new slate floor in the kitchen. This was my first experience with a wet saw, and I have to say it was sooo much easier and more efficient than I anticipated. It took a full two days, but I finished putting down all the slate, and it looks amazing. Better than I could have hoped. After the mortar dries for another day, I'll clean the tiles and put down a first sealer coat. Then I'll grout this coming weekend and put down the final sealer coats, and I'll be done!

Here's a quick shot of the progress after the first day. Those funny white things are 1/4" spacers that get removed after the mortar is dry.


Deb said...

Floor looks gorgeous. I covet thaht floor. What color grout are you going to use?

C. August said...

Thanks! We're going to go with a mid-shade grey for the grout. It just so happens that the house where we spent the fourth was recently renovated, and they put a similar slate floor in the mudroom. It had grey grout and looked quite nice.

For our floor, most all of the tiles have some grey in them, so it should tie everything together well.

LB said...

I also love that variable colored slate. We chose the same, but smaller (4") rounded corner ones for our 1/2 bath above our garage and put in kind of a red clay colored grout. I know it sounds gross, but it looks really nice with the glossy sealer on it. After three years I still love it.

Regarding other flooring I have one word for any do-it-yourselfer: cork. It's warm underfoot, easy to care for, easy to install (click and lock), a sound dampener, it looks good, and is (was) quite economical at iFloors or DIYfloors (not so at any bricks and mortar store we could find). As the floor to the bonus, family, party, gathering, school, science group, book club, and Rock Band room, it's held up to a lot of kid/teenager traffic over the last 4 years. The information about it says that you can refinish it like hardwood, but we haven't had to do that yet, so I don't know if that's true.

I know that wouldn't have fit in with the Victorian time frame, but cork flooring has been around for a long time - it just hasn't seemed to catch on. We love it.

Rational Jenn said...

My R would have enjoyed the rifle-firing very much. Sounds fun!

Love the floor, too. You're so handy!